Aatru Medical, LLC
Aatru Medical, LLC

The word Aatru means healing.

Aatru's Market Focus

Negative Pressure Dressings: surgical incisions and chronic wounds


Aatru has developed and patented a unique and innovative negative pressure dressing.  Upon FDA clearance,  this refined design will be intended to serve the surgical incision market and the traditional NPWT market for chronic wounds.   FDA submission is schedule for mid Q2, 2019 - 510K Class II clearance.

Cosmetic & Dermal Tissue Treatment


For dermal or cosmetic applications, Aatru has patents pending for smart patch technologies that, upon FDA approval, are meant to deliver cycling vacuum and therapeutic heat to enhance the delivery of cosmetics or cosmeceuticals.

Veterinary Dressings


Aatru has designed and developed patent-pending surgical and wound dressings  for the veterinary market.

Aatru's Innovations

Aatru's Platform Technology


Upon FDA approval, Aatru's patented technology is meant to deliver negative pressure solutions in dressings for multiple markets, from surgical sites to chronic wounds, to smart patch technology for cosmetic and dermal use.    Future dressing designs include sensor technology and other therapies such as heat, light, electro-stimulation, etc.  

The IP Portfolio


Aatru Medical has built an extensive patent portfolio with six broad filings to date, both granted and patent-pending.   Aatru has filed Provisional, USPTO, and PCT to globally cover a wide range of designs, features, and embodiments.

Industry-disruptive Design and Cost


Unlike the current industry-standard NPWT solutions in the market, the Aatru dressing, upon FDA approval, is intended to provide the patient with an exceptional wound dressing coupled with negative pressure in the  therapeutic range without the need, discomfort, or the high cost of a mechanical pump.

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World Union of Wound Healing Societies - Closed Surgical Incision Management - Understanding the Role of NPWT - 2017

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